POTW – Summer Pie

The Summer Pie is back to help you beat the heat! With Fresh Basil, Garlic and Tomato on Olive Oil, this light, this light pizza is perfect for those hot summer days. This limited edition pie extra delightful on thin crust!

$12 Deal Day 2017

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and unless there’s a giveaway involved, they’re probably right. But they never said that there’s no such thing as a $1 lunch. Partially because that’s a horrible saying, but also because it’s simply untrue.

POTW – Heavy Veggie

We could all use more veggies, except for maybe vegetarians. We think they might have that covered. Omnivores and herbivores, we got your back.

POTW – Supreme

We’re not going to pretend that this royal combination of Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Green Pepper, and Onions is somehow innovative. Truth is, the Supreme is sort of a staple in any pizza establishment. We challenge you to name one pizza place that doesn’t have some variation of the Supreme.

So what makes our Supreme is the High Ruler of Supremes? For one, it’s half off this week. Forget the trials, that price alone ascends our Supreme to Supreme Supreme status. The Ultimate Supreme, even.

POTW – CheeseStix

“Cheesestix aren’t a pie!” you are probably shouting in rage as you read this week’s Pie of the Week Email. It’s ok. Take a deep breath and relax. We’re going to get through this. We know; it’s a surprise, a little break from the norm. Cheesestix are a hybrid (which we think means they’re good for the environment). Much like a traditional pizza, there’s the crust, then a gooey blend of fontina and mozzarella. Additional toppings are also available, but not necessary. Last but not least, there’s the sauce. But rather than putting the sauce on the pie, we give you 4 different options and put it on the side for your dipping enjoyment. The bigger the “pie,” the more sauces you get, too. We don’t know about you, but this sounds like the ultimate build your own, cut into strips instead of triangles, sauce on the side pizza. Ok, maybe it’s not a pizza, but it is ½ price this week. Try it out, your tastebuds will thank you.

Summer Pie


This is nacho average taco pizza. It’s more like a nacho-y, melt-in-your-mouth, journey a la centro de delicia. Be sure to try it on thin crust!

POTW – Porky the Pie

Vegetarians and Vegans, you’re better off just hitting the back button now. No veggies to be found here! Ok, there’s Red Sauce, but that’s sort of a necessity.

Trust us, this pie is packing some serious meat. Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, and Bacon unite to form an indestructible tour-de-force of carnivorous deliciousness. And at 50% off, Porky the Pie is worth taking a cheat day this week. We promise.

POTW – Dixie Chicken

Let’s face it: BBQ is delicious. Every city south of the Mason Dixon line seems to claim that they are famous for BBQ. We don’t know who invented it, we just know that we love it.

Even if you’re a die-hard Northerner, you will love this week’s pie. You may even develop a drawl and start referring to your friends and family as Yankees. The Dixie Chicken has rich BBQ Sauce, Grilled Chicken, Red Onions and Cheddar Cheese, so there’s a good chance you will yell, “yee-haw!”

Spring Pie

This is nacho average taco pizza. It’s more like a nacho-y, melt-in-your-mouth, journey a la centro de delicia. Be sure to try it on thin crust!

POTW – The HotBox

No witty description can properly prepare you for the awesomeness that is our namesake pizza. So, we’ll let this pie speak for itself. Massive amounts of Spicy Pepperoni and Banana Peppers are loaded onto Mozzarella Cheese and Red Sauce to ensure you experience ecstasy with every bite. No need to thank us; it’s what we’re here for.