HotBox Catering

Need to feed a large crew? HotBox is here to help. Call us up, let us know how many people you need to feed and we can help you create your order. Or, if you are one of those decisive types, just let us know what you want and we will set it up for you.

Give your local HotBox a call or email us at for more info.


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HotBox pizza at your finger tips? Um, yes please!


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Pie of the Week – Big Al’s Fredo

Big Al’s Fredo

Think there’s a better pie than Big Al’s Fredo? Forgetta bout it! What better way to spend a night then talking like a mobster and bustin’ someone’s chops a little bit, while you watch Goodfellas for the thousandth time and enjoy this delicious one of a kind pie? First it’s hot, then it’s spicy, then it’s creamy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Just the way we like it.

So, get your crew together and overindulge with Grilled Chicken, Roma Tomatoes, Spinach and Banana Peppers over our dreamy, one of a kind Alfredo Sauce.


Password: sleep with da fishes

To get the Pie of the Week online, use coupon: POTW

Limit 2 pies per customer per visit.
No more than 1 substitution, please.

Spring Break Photo Contest

Avoid Separation Anxiety!

Heading out for Spring Break? Don’t think you can live without HotBox for the week? Take us with you. Grab your cup as you venture off into the wilderness, beach, your mom’s couch… Wherever you are, snap a pic with your cup and send it to us. We’ll pick one grand prize winner who will receive one FREE deal a month for an entire year! That’s 12 Free deals! Email or contact us on Facebook or Twitter to enter today! All entries are due by April 14th. Just think, it could be you!