Stix Showdown 2015


Think you have what it takes to win free stix for a year?! Prove it!! Step up to the challenge and enter the Stix Showdown today. Worst comes to worst, you get a free sack of stix out of it.

How to enter Castleton competition:
How to enter W. Lafayette competition: email

Guess who is at Indiana Microbrew Fest!


Come see us at Indiana Microbrew Fest!

Nothing goes together more perfectly than pizza and beer, except for maybe local pizza and beer. Click the logo above to learn how you can come hang out with us and all your favorite local breweries at Military Park. Tickets for this one day event (July 18th) are limited, so you better hurry! (So sorry in advance kids, this event is 21+ and a selfie stick free zone)



That’s right! On July 22 from 11am-8pm, you can get The Deal for only $10!
(but please limit yourself to two) PREORDERS WILL BEGIN ON JULY 17!!

The Deal includes one large cheese or pepperoni pie, one order of our famous stix and choice of sauce, and two drinks.

If you’re a planner, you should probably order ahead of time. We’ve already devised a handy survival guide in order to help you combat the crowds, so just read on and be prepared!


Ten Dollar Deal Day_WIP_edit

POTW – Supreme

We’re not going to pretend that this pizza is somehow innovative.  Truth is, it’s kind of a staple in any pizza establishment.  Seriously.  Name one pizza place that doesn’t have a “Supreme” Pizza… In true HotBox fashion, though, our Supreme is the Supreme Supreme. The ultimate Supreme, if you will. No matter how you slice it, ours is great, and it’s half off this week, making it the cheapest Supreme around!

Bear witness that our Supreme is the High Ruler of Supremes, while enjoying Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Green Pepper, and Onions. Half off this week. You’re Welcome.

Get 1/2 off this pie for this week!

Password: I reign supreme
Online coupon code: POTW

Limit 2 pies per customer per visit.
No more than 1 substitution, please.



HotBox Catering

Need to feed a large crew? HotBox is here to help. Call us up, let us know how many people you need to feed and we can help you create your order. Or, if you are one of those decisive types, just let us know what you want and we will set it up for you.

Give your local HotBox a call or email us at for more info.

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HotBox pizza at your finger tips? Um, yes please!


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