Eat. Sleep. Rebel.



HotBox Pizza was born out of a desire to save the world from pizza mediocrity. The clever and irreverent HotBox Pizza franchise delivers a fresh experience with broad market appeal. Through “in-your-face” branding, expert merchandising and great promotions, HotBox Pizza has literally created its own culture.

But HotBox does not get by on charm alone. Our delicious, top-quality pizza and breadstix are served fresh, hot, and quickly. Instead of taking the “jack of all trades and master of none” approach, HotBox Pizza focuses on making the very best pizza, offered in an amazingly wide variety of combinations. And our “Notorious Breadstix” are so outrageously tasty, that they have to be experienced rather than described!

This exceptional franchise opportunity combines the quality, personality, and friendliness of a local pizzeria with the efficiency and marketing acumen of a large chain. And according to experts, the single most critical element of a restaurant’s success is having a distinctive, well-researched concept. The highly identifiable HotBox Pizza concept is well-conceived and executed.

HotBox Pizza currently operates locations in Downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, W. Lafayette, Fishers, Carmel, Castleton, Plainfield, South Bend, and W. Carmel .

Our Business System

HotBox patrons relish our sometimes irreverent humor and always excellent fare. Whether they realize it or not, they benefit from the built-in efficiencies of our business system. And, so do our franchisees. They operate their franchise using our well-established system, which we continually update to keep HotBox Pizza timely, relevant, and cost-effective.

Efficient by Design

Both our menu and kitchen are designed to facilitate speed and efficiency. The kitchen layout includes a large area designated for food preparation and pizza-baking. A monitor displaying the point-of-sale system will show all orders for delivery, dine-in, and carryout. Patrons place their orders for dine-in or takeout at a counter which affords a full view of food being prepared in the kitchen. Along the counter, multiple point-of-sale systems accommodate the ebb and flow of customers throughout the day. Customers also have the option of calling in their order for pick up or delivery, or ordering online through our website or through their mobile device.

Dine-in patrons choose seating at tables and chairs located in the center of the restaurant and along the windows. Mounted televisions broadcast sports, news, and shows for customers to enjoy, along with their delicious pizza and breadstix.

Site Selection

Naturally, a great store deserves a great location, so HotBox Pizza Franchising provides guidelines for choosing the right spot. Considerations will include a 1,600 – 2,400 square foot location near a heavily populated thoroughfare and proximity to a city food district in a dense residential area.