Eat. Sleep. Rebel.

famous pies


the hotbox

No witty description can properly prepare you for the awesomeness of our namesake pizza. So, we'll let it speak for itself.



You don't have to be a sailor to appreciate the one, two punch behind this pie.


the hot chick

She's a lustful combination of grilled chicken, jalapenos, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and Buffalo sauce that you might want to think twice about taking home to Mom.


dixie chicken

You don't have to be of southern descent to appreciate the sheer calamity of awesome that embodies this pizza.  Seriously, if you haven't tried this yet, you will thank us later. 


the aloha

An ode to the warmer days and basking in the sunlight.  Granted, you can get this pie year round, but there's a nostalgia to it that we simply cannot deny.


porky the pie

Lovers of meat, this is your pie!  No veggies here! Seriously, not a single one.  Just try to find one.  We dare you....  We guess you could count the sauce, but that might be cheating.


eve’s garden

It's the pizza so good it's sinful.  Fresh broccoli gets busy with Roma Tomatoes over a bed of Fontina and Red Sauce. Throw in some fresh garlic for good measure and you've got one hell of a great time for your taste buds! 



We're not going to pretend that this pizza is somehow innovative.  Truth is, it's kind of a staple in any pizza establishment.  Seriously.  Name one pizza place that doesn't have a "Supreme" Pizza... In true HotBox fashion, though, our Supreme is the Supreme Supreme. The ultimate Supreme, if you will.


chicken ranch

There is just something about ranch dressing.  If you're one of us, you could put it on almost anything... 


big al’s fredo

Think there's a better pie than Big Al's Fredo? Forgetta bout it! First it's hot, then it's spicy, then it's creamy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Just the way we like it.


heavy veggie

We could all use more veggies.  Except for vegetarians.  We think they might have that covered.  Omnivores and herbivores, we got your back.


the big cheese

If putting this much cheese on a pizza is wrong, we don't wanna be right.


pesto mambo

Our most graceful pizza: guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. (note: this cannot actually be guaranteed, as taste buds are not physically able to do such things. However, IF they do start dancing, let us know. That'd be pretty rad!)



Don't underestimate this newly famous pie. It's got balls. Meatballs, that is.

build your own

on the bottom

Start with your choice of our 3 one-of-a-kind crusts. Choose wisely, the awesomeness begins here.

in the middle

Next, lather up your crusts with some serious deliciousness.

on the top

With over 2 billion combinations, top your pie with your faves, or try something new.

salad and beverages


22 oz. cups. Take one home for unlimited liquid containment.