POTW – Ballsagna

How many times have you thought, “Do I want pizza or do I want lasagna?”  That’s probably happened at least, well, probably never.  But, if it ever did happen, we thought we should have a pizza for it.  We’re talking meatballs all over and loaded up with green pepper and banana pepper.  Throw some ricotta in the mix and we’ve got a rockin’ time for your tastebuds.  We even had our HotBox fanatics help us pick the name; BALLSAGNA!  Say it loud, say it proud.  It’s got the balls to take over the world!

Online Ordering Password: POTW

Password: Balls to wall!

Limit 2 pies per customer per visit. 
Live a little- try new things. No substitutions. No additions. Only one deletion, yo.