POTW – Big Al’s Fredo

Big Al’s Fredo

Think there’s a better pie than Big Al’s Fredo? Forgetta bout it! What better way to spend a night than talking like a mobster and bustin’ someone’s chops a little bit, watching Goodfellas for the thousandth time and enjoying this delicious one of a kind pie? First it’s hot, then it’s spicy, then it’s creamy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Just the way we like it.

So, get your crew together and overindulge with Grilled Chicken, Roma Tomatoes, Spinach and Banana Peppers over our dreamy, one of a kind Alfredo Sauce.


Password: sleep with da fishes

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Limit 2 pies per customer per visit.
Live a little- try new things. No substitutions. No additions. Only one deletion, yo.